I am the volunteer webmaster of the JRI-PL web site (Jewish Records Indexing - Poland). There is lots of interesting stuff there.

I use free software called Personal Ancestral File to store and organize my Wertheimer family information.

I have been accumulating and collating information that other researchers have provided.

My objective is to build a network of Geneological Web pages, so that you can use the Internet to browse the entire family tree including other families that are not in my database.

If you know of any relatives of the family with information to share, please let me know.

Thanks, Earl Wertheimer.

More Wertheimer Databases

  • Click here for the WERTHEIMER Database This is a searchable list of individuals and family names.
  • Click here for Gen Viewer.
  • Click on 'Pedigree' to see my family tree.
    Click on other names to move around.

  • Click here for the the Wertheimer Family Webpage
  • Click here for the Wertheimer Book

    Bad news: The page has been removed.

    Good news: I have obtained a copy of the book. All the names have been added to the database. I am planning to scan the entire book and put it online. I have found a suitable scanner, Ijust need to find the time.

    Stay tuned!!!

  • More Genealogical Databases

    My cousin's husband, Steven, uses free software called GRAMPS to records and store genealogical information, because GRAMPS is able to include and manage photos and images, and generate web pages. He has built the databases listed below.

  • Click here for the Wertheimer Family database
  • Click here for the Birnbaum Family database
  • Click here for the Grobstein Family database
  • Click here for the Haapalah Aliyah Bet database
  • Our long term plan is to interlink these pages with each other, and with external genealogical pages...


    to our Wertheimer Family Pages

  • Iain York, York Family Web page
  • Esther Wertheimer
  • Rosie Strohl (née Amsel)
  • Myrna Bramson (née Wertheimer)
  • Linda Richmond
  • Peter Wertheimer
  • Karen Firestone
  • to our Birnbaum Family Pages

  • Steve Birnam
  • Stanley "Sonny" Birnbaum
  • David Birnbaum דוד בירנבאום
  • Kathy Klein Goldman
  • to our Grobstein Family Pages

  • Hanny Gazit Shani חני גזית שנית
  • Pola Faerman Spiegel
  • Malka Fry
  • Miriam Fry
  • Shoshana "Shoshie" Minkowitch Wechsler שושנה "שושי" וכסלר
  • the Grobshtein גרובשטיין Гробштин families of Nes Tziona נס ציונה, Netanyah נתניה and Pardes Hannah-Karkur פרדס חנה-כרכור
  • to our Haapalah Aliyah Bet Pages

  • Ariel Benyamin Yannay-Shani אריאל בנימין ינאי-שני, Remembering The Future
  • Yoram Yanay יורם ינאי, מול השער הנעול – האודיסיאה של מעפילי כנסת ישראל
  • Paul H. Silverstone, Aliyah Bet Project
  • Tzipora Polonsky Mann haAmutah leHashrashat Modaut Oniyat haMaapilim Rafiah העמותה להשרשת מודעות אוניית המעפילים רפיח
  • Rina Offenbach רינה אופנבך, Director, BeNetivei Haapalah בנתיבי העפלה, Illegal immigrant database and information center, Atlit Detention Camp
  • Tzvi Ben-Tzur צבי בן-צור, Palyam & Aliya Bet Website אתר הפלי"ם וההעפלה